The Aftermath: Diplo on Zafari at Town Hall

We thought DJ, from the Drop Your Drink team, was mad to stay in the Gauteng region instead of heading to Oppikoppi last week. The wise guy had other plans and they involved watching Diplo perform at Town Hall, in Johannesburg, while he was on his South African Tour.

dj sibot15


It is important to note that Africa’s wildlife is just that – wild. In many places there are no fences and potentially dangerous animals can – and do – wander through the cities. Attacks by wild animals are rare, then again …

After a long game drive from Pretoria to Johannesburg, I (DJ from the Drop Your Drink Crew) found myself in the bush (Town Hall), somewhere around The Woods. The game driver (bouncer) swiftly let us through, after acknowledging our purchase of online tickets.

Rumor had it, that our diligent tracker had manage to spot the big five. Most Americans have it wrong. The Big Five are in fact:

– Sibot
– Kid Fonque
– Kenzhero
– Data Takashi
– Diplo

Diplo, short for Diplodocus, is a name evolved from a childhood fascination with dinosaurs. You might know him because of his wide range of production skills and his sound that’s difficult to classify. Listen to this and you’ll understand:

He’s also worked with artists ranging from Steve Aoki and M.I.A. to Die Antwoord.

Past the unclassifiable sounds of Sibot, Diplo seemed to have some trouble with the sound, which led to an unexpected intervention. Ipso facto, I believe the speakers just couldn’t cope with the wild and vulgar beats of Diplo. He is brilliant at what he does and Joburg bitches were going crazy for him.

This night left me questioning the plural of dubstep.
Dubsteps or dubstairs?
And whether or not falling down dubstairs – would be a bass drop?